All Rise as ONE

All Rise is a movement, a mindset, a moment in history.

Let’s rise for each other through our daily actions, behaviours and intentions. 

As we rise as individuals, let's enable those around us to rise as well.

Creating a community making positive change collectively. 

We rise with Dignity, Respect, and Intent.

Rise in Style.


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They may write us off as hopeless

But still we rise

They may deem us a lost cause

But still we rise

They may say the best days are behind us

But still we rise

The naysayers, non believers, the cynical

May have conceded defeat

May have called our time of death  

But still we rise

We rise to continue the struggle  

(Aluta continua)

We rise to fulfil the promise

so we may know what it is to thrive

We rise because we believe

We have done it before

We rise because of those who rose before us

for those who are yet to arrive  

on behalf of those who cannot

We rise for tomorrow

We rise because it is in our jeans


- Lwandso Xaso


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