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Flag Story

Flag Story

The Bapedi people brought us our flag, sharing the vibrancy and richness that defines their culture with TSHEPO. The colours of our flag can be found across the African continent, catching the sunlight and painting the sky in their hues. The three colours of our flag reflect our identity – as a brand, as a community and as a movement. Our flag is a commitment to Africa, and a reminder of our need for togetherness while celebrating our differences.

Our flag is dipped in red to reflect the African soil, where our story begins. Soil that has cradled us and allowed us to grow. This vibrant red is also a solemn reminder of what has come before us, what sits beneath the soil, the history of bloodshed and struggle that our people have endured in their unrelenting fight for freedom.

A stripe of blue cuts through the centre of our flag, reflecting the story of denim in Africa, and serving as a reminder that denim is essentially African, a part of our past, present and of our future.

Our flag is doused in a golden yellow, which represents our collective future, the sun that coats us in a buttery light as it rises. A new day begins with feet still grounded firmly on African soil, bringing hope and possibility.

TSHEPO is governed by our flag, and these three words: Wear Your Crown. It is a lifestyle, a movement and a community. Every collection, capsule, collaboration and story leads back to our flag and those three words.


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